What’s an Art Party?
Who  are these Amazing Artists?
Can I buy their work?
These amazing artists are probably your neighbors.   Or else they are our relatives.  Meet them and find out.  We love their work and hope you do too.
Art Party is a lot of people milling around admiring the artwork on the walls, the walls, each other, themselves... Generally having a good time and feeling vaguely decadent and perhaps slightly French...
Most Art Party artists would love to sell their work.
If you like a piece, ask the artist directly.
What about food?
What should I wear?
Artists don’t eat.   However, we will be serving a range of hors-d’oeuvres.  And lots of wine.   If you’re really hungry though ...you may want to eat first.
That probably depends on who you are.
(Or who you want other people to think you are.)
That paint spattered look is always convincing.   And comfortable.
As long as you leave the Gauloises at home.
Urbane and sophisticated, black tie is always appropriate.  You will definitely be the best dressed person at the party, and we will all admire you intensely.
We can’t vouch for the heating system, but we certainly don’t want anyone to feel inhibited.  You will be the center of attention
Hey, as long as you clean your boots, we’re fine with that.
Are children invited?
This is an adult party.  Unless your children enjoy standing around talking about art and acting profound, they’d probably rather do something else.
Do I need to RSVP?
If you would like to eat, drink, or park, it would be extremely helpful to us if you would RSVP.
Bottom Line:
Comfortable Shoes
(as we try to tell Charlotte)
 Brush your Hair!